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Hi, I 'm Kacie.


I’m a graphic designer currently based in the greatest city in the world,

New York City, where I design pretty little things for some incredible brands.


Things you should know about me include: my love of all things chocolate;

my undying desire to travel the world; and my passion for creating beautiful things.

You probably care more about that last part, so let’s focus there. 


I love to create. Everyone knows that quote about doing something that you love

and you’ll never work a day in your life; well, creative projects do that for me.

Graphic design, photography, and running my lifestyle blog (The Pretty Little Hustler),

make my heart soar. 


I’m a passionate hard worker, avid learner, and (so I’ve heard) genuinely

pleasant person to be around. Intrigued? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear from you. 

I come highly recommended . . .

"[Kacie Nelson] is an exceptional young lady whose unrelenting drive has

captured my attention from the first day of class... Kacie is a phenomenal leader and learner and your [company] will be at a loss if you do not select her."

-Jose Nelson Palacios, University of Miami


"What I have learned most about Kacie is that her passion drives her. She is focused, driven, and devoted to everything she sets out to do. She is willing to ask questions and take risks; she is willing to accept criticism; and most of all, able to adapt and change based on the critique or situation. Kacie's happy disposition also seems to bring a sense of positivity to the room."

-Meryl Blau, University of Miami 


"Intelligent, energetic, and creative are a few words that come to mind when describing Ms. Kacie Nelson... [she] was instrumental in spearheading campaigns that helped increase the company's online visibility. Kacie's creativitiy is second to none."

-Rochelle Boreland, The Boreland Group, Inc.

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