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Pizza Hut launched its Flavor of Now campaign, complete with a whirlwind of 2 billion options, virtually overnight. And though our NSAC 2015 brief asked us to focus on increasing digital orders, we soon realized that Pizza Hut had an even bigger problem; a world full of cheese pizza lovers that wanted nothing to do with their 2 billion options. The fix? A cultural shift comprised of small steps that ultimately lead to BIG change.


Check out the campaign book here

For our six month initiative, we broke our campaign down into four, six-week phases to give the "Flavor of Now" a proper introduction.


Phase One (July 1 - August 17): A Risk-Free Introduction

Our research showed us that people are afraid to try new things through delivery because they know they can't take it back if they don't like it. To introduce all of these new options in a risk-free, and more effective way, we made some much-needed changes to the app interface, created a "Frequent Flavor" loyalty program, and a "Flavor Box". 

The "Flavor Box" gives customers the opportunity to taste all the new crusts, sauces and drizzles. It will come free with all online orders for the first three months of our campaign.

The "Frequent Flavor" loyalty program will increase brand preference and loyalty, while giving customers the opportunity to gain permanent rewards.

The new "Slice the Price" app feature will allow customers to split the cost of their pizza with other Frequent Flavor members however they see fit. 

Other New App Features Include:


The "Flavor Filter": allows customers to save their favorite sauces, toppings, and crusts within the app. Later when ordering with friends, they can input their friend's username and any non-mutual toppings will be filtered out of their create-your-own pizza process.


New Customization Process: breaks down the overwhelming process of sorting through 2 billion options while creating your own pizza. Where before there was an endless scroll of options, now each part of the selection process is broken down onto a single screen, creating a less intimidating, more user-friendly experience. 

On Hold Message -

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Print Executions promoting the "Flavor Box" and inspiring customers to try new things.

Table tents, direct mailers, and receipt flags will continue to promote the "Flavor Box" and inspire trial of the new flavors.

Phase Two (August 18 - September 30): The Pizza Hu(n)t

Now that the "Flavor Box" and all of our new features have been introduced, we want customers to become more familiar with not only what the loyalty program and app have to offer, but with the two billion options right at their fingertips. To do this, we created a challenge-based checklist for customers to complete for the chance to win the ultimate prize: free pizza for a year.  

Print Executions promoting the loyalty program and the Hu(n)t.

TV Commercial showcases all of the new app features and promotes the new loyalty program.

"Top That" game to entertain customers while they wait for their pizza, complete with pizza tracker.

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Table tents promote the loyalty program and the Hu(n)t.

The Hu(n)t Checklist is available on the Pizza Hut app and website. The checklist includes tasks such as signing up for the loyalty program, "sharing the flavor" with friends, and a virtual scavenger hunt to find all of the new toppings.

Phase Three (October 1 - November 15): Month of Flavor

With October being National Pizza Month, it's time to celebrate the "Flavor of Now"  with special promotions throughout the month. This celebration culminates with the announcement of the winners of free pizza for a year on Halloween, the second most popular day for pizza delivery of the year.

Print Executions promote the Month of Flavor.

Spotify Ad -

Direct Mailer sent out to members of the loyalty program, promoting the new "Month of Flavor" deals.

Email Blast sent out to members of the loyalty program, promoting the new "Month of Flavor" deals.

Phase Four (November 16 - December 31): A Holiday Reboot

To wrap up our six-month campaign, we decided it was time for a holiday reboot in the spirit of gifting flavor. This phase includes a holiday edition of our "Top That" game and exclusive holiday promotions for "Flavor Club" members.

Print Executions promote the Month of Flavor.

Table tents and direct mailers continue to spread the holiday cheer with special promotions. 

"Top That" will also get a holiday reboot complete with both Thanksgiving and Wintertime versions.

Email Blasts sent out to members of the loyalty program continue to spread cheer and notify them of

holiday promotions.

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